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Huawei H12-224 Exam

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Question 61
The value of ospfdr-priority ranges from 0 to 255 and the default value is 64.

Question 62
For a network like, the mask value is?

Question 63
Which of the following statements about Stub areas is false?

Question 64
If the network address is subnetted, which of the following valid VLSM subnets can be obtained?

Question 65
Which of the followings are OSPF packet type? (Choose three.)

Question 66
The IP address indicates ().

Question 67
What is the link ID of an ASBR-Summary-LSA?

Question 68
When the GR Restarter performs the active/standby switchover, the neighbor performs which of the following operations when detecting that a TCP disconnection? (Choose three.)

Question 69
On a broadcast network or an NBMA network, not all neighbors need to set up adjacencies. Therefore, the concept about the adjacency is applicable to only the broadcast network or the NBMA network.

Question 70
Which is the default network mask length of