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Huawei H12-224 Exam

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Question 51
A broadcast and an NBMA network, each having two or more routers, must both have a DR and a BDR.

Question 52
ABRs advertise link status information about connected non-backbone areas to the backbone area. The backbone area then advertises the routing information to other non-backbone areas. Link status information about the backbone area cannot be advertised to non-backbone areas.

Question 53
OSPF directly runs over the IP protocol. Its IP protocol number is 89.

Question 54
Which of the following statements about link aggregation are true? (Choose three.)

Question 55
When links are switched in a Smart Link group, which of the following mechanisms can be used to refresh MAC and ARP entries? (Choose three.)

Question 56
Which of the following statements about the BFD asynchronous mode are true? (Choose two.)

Question 57
Routes,,, and can be summarized into route

Question 58
Which of the following statements are true? (Choose three.)

Question 59
A router receives a data packet, with the destination address being Which subnet is this address in?

Question 60
Which of the following statements about the reliability requirement level are true? (Choose three.)