Terms of Service

The company, registered in Mauritius and further referred to as the "Company," "we," "our," "ours," and "ourselves," operates the website under the name WinITExam, accessible at WinITExam. The following information outlines the legal agreement between the Company and you, the user, further referred to as the "User," "he/she," "his/her," "him/her," or "one."

These Terms of Use must be carefully read and understood by the User to access and use the Website, including information published on the Website, our official social media accounts, or any other products and services provided by us. These Terms of Use apply to all users, whether registered or accessing the Website as a guest.

By visiting WinITExam and its subsidiary pages, the User fully accepts and agrees to these Terms of Use. All payment transactions on the Website are subject to these Terms of Use. If the User disagrees with any provision in these Terms of Use, they should refrain from accessing the Website and using any products and services offered by the Website.

How to use WinITExam:
The information provided on the Website and our official social media accounts is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be relied upon under any circumstances. For professional guidance, the User should consult a registered practitioner.

The User acknowledges that any comments published on WinITExam or our social media accounts will be visible to the public, and the Company is not responsible for the further use of posted comments.

Third-Party Websites and Links Access:
The Website may include banners, buttons, or links redirecting the User to third-party websites. We do not endorse these third-party websites; they are provided for additional information only. It is not recommended to make purchases from them.

The User uses references submitted on the Website at their own risk. Our Terms of Use do not extend to links to other websites or third-party resources. It is advisable to review the Terms of Use of these third-party resources before taking any action.

Changes & Updates of the Website:
The Company is responsible for the reliability and correctness of any data published. However, we do not guarantee that the published/sold data is always correct and reliable, as content is updated as and when available. While we strive to provide authentic information, we do not assume obligations regarding the nature of the information and content on WinITExam.

We reserve the right to make changes to these Terms of Use at any time, impacting the User's access to products and/or services. Users are responsible for checking these changes when making purchases on the Website.

Efforts will be made to maintain the relevance of the Website, and we reserve the right to remove or change any part of the Website without prior notice. By accepting our Terms of Use, the User acknowledges that we are not liable if any part of the Website is changed or deleted.

Exception of Responsibility to the User for Website Usage:
The User acknowledges that any liability incurred while using the Website due to negligence or other reasons is excluded to the full extent allowed by law. There are no guarantees that the functionality of the Website will remain uninterrupted. The Website is provided "AS AVAILABLE" and "AS IS," with no guarantees provided by the Company.

Copyright and Trademarks:
The User has the right to copy, print, or view files and images from the Website for personal use only; however, all rights remain with the Company. All elements on the Company's Website, including images, layout, texts, and templates, belong to the Company, excluding those related to third parties.

All trademarks, company names, and logos belong to their lawful owners. Any content not belonging to the Company, such as design and graphics, belongs to their respective owners.

If the User purchases any products and/or services, they may use them within the allowed extent. The User has no right to resell purchased products and services to third parties.

If the User orders any products and/or services through the Website, the Company is not responsible for any delays or failures occurring outside our control, such as accidents, blockages, fire, or communication failure. In the event of force majeure, the Company will attempt to fulfill obligations if it has the right to do so.

In case of force majeure circumstances lasting more than 14 days, both parties can withdraw from the agreement. If the User has paid for products and/or services in advance, a full refund will be issued.

Creating Account at the Website:
The User can create their account on the Website by following a detailed registration procedure. Once registered, it is the User's responsibility to keep the provided ID and password secure and not share them with others. The User is wholly responsible for all activities occurring with their account.

In case of suspected account hacking, the Company is not liable for any data loss or damage. The User is strongly advised to inform the Company immediately in such cases.

Data Protection:
Our primary concern is to keep user data safe and ensure that no accounts are accessible by third parties without the User's consent. The User is free to change or update personal information provided in the account at any time after registration.

For more information on security and confidentiality, as well as how to keep data safe and secure, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

All notifications can be delivered via email to WinITExam Support Team. Any notifications or concerns must be written in English.

Jurisdiction and Governing Law:
All activities, including purchases made on the Website, are governed by international law. In the event of a dispute, it will be adjudicated in local courts.

Products and Services Details:
By "products and services," we refer to digital learning materials available on the Website (hereinafter referred to as the "Products").

The User is granted a non-transferable, non-granted right to use and access the Products only as per these Terms of Use. The User is not allowed to sell or transfer these rights to anyone else. All ownership and rights to the Products, including intellectual rights, remain with the Company. Materials, including trade names, service marks, and trademarks, are the property of the Company. These Terms of Use explicitly state that the User does not have any rights, expressed or implied, with respect to the Products, except as specified herein.

The Company continuously strives to enhance products and services to provide maximum benefit to the User. Access rights to the latest features and updates for the Products are granted to the User during the maintenance period.

Continuous updating of the products may result in restricted access or changes to features, which may occur without prior notice. If the User continues using the product after an update, it is considered acceptance of any changes to the Terms of Use. Update notifications will be posted on the Website and are deemed published for the User after the uploading process is complete.

Placing an Order:
While ordering a product, the User will encounter multiple options. It is advisable to read them carefully for complete information before making a choice. In case of any doubt, contact us at WinITExam Support Team beforehand for assistance in choosing and placing an order.

We strive to respond promptly to User requests, but we cannot guarantee immediate responses. The User is responsible for gathering additional information on products or services before making a purchase.

The Company reserves the right to cancel or reject any order at any time without specifying reasons. The acceptance of an order by us, as per these Terms of Use, considers orders placed by the User on the Website as an offer to buy the delivered products or services.

All prices include VAT unless otherwise indicated. Prices for any services or products the User may want to purchase are clearly indicated in the relevant section on the Website. We are not responsible for removal, refusal, or any failure during the order processing of products or services on the Website.

Before confirming the order, the total price will be displayed to the User. We reserve the right to update, withdraw, or modify the price of any product or service at any time without prior notice. While we strive for accurate and up-to-date prices, errors may occur. In the event of an error, transactions will be voided, and a full refund will be issued.

Payment Method:
Payment for digital products can be made via Electronic Funds Transfer/Wire transfer upon request. We use a third-party service, Paddle.com, for our transactions.