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Huawei H12-224 Exam

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Question 141
Which of the following statements about link aggregation are true? (Choose three.)

Question 142
Which of the following can speed up OSPF fast convergence? (Choose two.)

Question 143
Which of the attributes must exist in the BGP Update messages? (Choose three.)

Question 144
Which of the following LSAs are flooded within a single area? (Choose three.)

Question 145
BGP peers are automatically discovered by exchanging multicast packets.

Question 146
Which statements about the Local-Preference attribute are true? (Choose two.)

Question 147
The ABR of an NSSA will not advertise Type-4 and Type-5 LSAs to an NSSA but can import external routes into the NSSA.

Question 148
In transit AS, why do core routers run BGP?

Question 149
Which command can trigger the advertisement of BGP routes without interrupting a BGP connection?

Question 150
Which of the following BGP filters can be used to set route attributes?

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