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Huawei H12-224 Exam

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Question 131
Which of the following statements about BFD Echo packets are true? (Choose two.)

Question 132
An OSPF neighbor relationship fails to be established and the display ospf error command output is as follows.Which of the following is the possible cause?
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Question 133
ABRs of a Stub area do not flood Type-5 and Type-4 LSAs to the Stub area. Therefore, the Stub area does not have the external AS routing capability. ABRs of the Stub area advertise a default route to the stub area to guide packet forwarding to the external of the AS.

Question 134
Assume that the subnet mask is Which of the following addresses are valid host addresses? (Choose three.)

Question 135
Which of the following statements is false?

Question 136
If the Router Priority of a router is set to 0, this router cannot be elected as a DR or a BDR.

Question 137
Only Router-LSAs and Network-LSAs are involved in intra-area route calculations.

Question 138
Which of the following statements about Flush packets in a Smart Link group are true? (Choose three.)

Question 139
Which of the following statements about Stub areas is false?

Question 140
Each router running OSPF has a router ID. A router ID is a 32-bit integer and uniquely identifies a router. Hence, even of routers in different ASs, the router IDs must be different.