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Question 151
A BGP finite state machine has the following states:Active -OpenConfirm -Idle -Establish -OpenSent -What is the state transition sequence in which the BGP peer relationship is established?

Question 152
In OSPF protocol, which of the following elements are used by Network LSA to describe broadcast network segment or NBMA network segment? (Choose three.)

Question 153
When the import-route command is used to import routes to BGP, which statement is false?

Question 154
Which of the BGP attributes are Well-known mandatory attributes? (Choose three.)

Question 155
Which of the following statements about an AS-External-LSA are true? (Choose three.)

Question 156
Which of the BGP attributes is Optional transitive attribute?

Question 157
Which attributes are well-known community attributes? (Choose three.)

Question 158
OSPF uses SPF algorithm to calculate SPF tree according to topology. Which of the following statements are correct regarding SPF tree node? (Choose two.)

Question 159
What is the Origin attribute of the BGP route that is imported by using the import-route command?

Question 160
How does the route Community attribute set by routing policies affect route selection?