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Huawei H12-211 Exam

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Question 141
A network requires a solution to allow 50 private IP addresses to be translated, however only a single public address is available for use.Which translation method can be used to support this requirement?
A. Static NAT
B. Dynamic NAT
C. Easy-IP

Question 142
NAPT allows for multiple internal addresses to be mapped to a single public address.How does NAT distinguish between the different private addresses when mapping to the same public address?
A. The source MAC address is used.
B. The destination MAC address is used.
C. The source port number is used.
D. The destination port number is used.

Question 143
A web server in a private network is required to provide HTTP services to public users. The network administrator is required to configure NAT on RTA.Which configuration should be used?
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A. [RTA-Serial1/0/1]nat server protocol tcp global www inside 8080
B. [RTA-Serial0/0/1]nat server protocol tcp global www inside 8080
C. [RTA-Gigabitethernet0/0/1]nat server protocol tcp global www inside 8080
D. [RTA- Gigabitethernet0/0/1]nat server protocol tcp global www inside 8080

Question 144
The network administrator needs to configure static NAT on RTA, in order to allow Host A to communicate with Host C.Which command is correct?
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A. [RTA-Serial1/0/1]nat outbound
B. [RTA-Serial1/0/1]nat static global inside
C. [RTA-Serial1/0/1]nat static global inside
D. [RTA-Serial1/0/1]nat static global inside

Question 145
[RTA-GigabitEthernet0/0/0]nat outbound 2000 address-group 1Refer to the configuration output. What does the value "2000" refer to?
A. It represents the ACL number.
B. It represents the NAT number.
C. It represents the translated port number.
D. It represents the number of bytes that can be translated before the address is returned to the public address pool.

Question 146
NAPT uses the same public address but different port numbers to translate private addresses.Which statement regarding the port number is correct?
A. It is necessary to configure port number mapping manually.
B. It is only necessary to configure the port number range.
C. It is not necessary to configure port numbers.
D. An access control list is needed to assign port numbers.

Question 147
A configured internal host of a private network wishes to access the internet. What must be configured on the enterprise network egress router in order to achieve this? (Choose all that apply.)
A. NAT Easy IP
D. Default route

Question 148
Which of the following statements are correct about NAT? (Choose three)
A. NAT is the abbreviation for "Network Address Translation".
B. NAT is used for translation between private and public network addresss.
C. When hosts inside a private network access the outside network, NAT is not required.
D. NAT provides an effective way to solve the problem of insufficient IP addresses.

Question 149
Which of the following technologies can allow a host with IP address to access the internet?
A. Static route
B. Dynamic route
C. Route import

Question 150
Which of the following items can be translated by NAPT?
A. MAC address + port number
B. IP address + port number
C. Only MAC address
D. Only IP address