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Question 131
In a small network supporting IPv6, a network administrator wishes implement RIPng.Which of the following commands should be used to enable this protocol?
A. [RTA-GigabitEthernet0/0/0]ripng 1 enable
B. [RTA]ripng 1 enable
C. ripng 1 enable
D. [RTA-ripng-1]ripng 1 enable

Question 132
In a network supporting IPv6, OSPF no longer supports which feature?
A. multiple areas
B. Router-ID
C. authentication
D. multicast updates

Question 133
The network administrator has decided to configure link aggregation in the enterprise network.Which of the following represent advantages of link aggregation? (Choose three)
A. Load balancing.
B. Improved bandwidth.
C. Enhanced reliability.
D. Improved security.

Question 134
In port aggregation, "multiple" ports are aggregated to form a port aggregation group so that all the member ports in the group share the outgoing/incoming load.At which layer is port aggregation implemented?
A. Physical Layer
B. Data Link Layer
C. Network Layer
D. Transport Layer

Question 135
What benefits does port aggregation yield? (Choose three)
A. Improves link bandwidth
B. Implements load sharing
C. Improves network reliability
D. Facilitates data copy for analysis

Question 136
What is the maximum number of member interfaces supported by a single Eth-Trunk?
A. 6
B. 8
C. 10
D. 12

Question 137
The Eth-Trunk frame forwarding mechanism used to prevent changes in the data sequence forwards frames based on which of the following parameters?
A. The same source or destination IP address.
B. The same source or destination MAC address.
C. The same protocol type.
D. The same source or destination port number.

Question 138
In Layer 2 mode, the transmission rate of an Eth-Trunk interface is determined by which of the following? (Choose all that apply.)
A. Maximum number of Up member links
B. Minimum number of Up member links
C. Number of Up member interfaces
D. Number of interfaces.

Question 139
The network administrator wishes to forward data over an Eth-trunk, however associated member interfaces operate at different rates. In terms of the resulting behavior, which of the following is true?
A. The two switches will not be able to communicate.
B. The higher rate member interfaces may incur packet loss.
C. The Eth-Trunk will work normally.
D. The lower rate member interfaces may incur packet loss.

Question 140
The network administrator attempts to add interface G0/0/1 on Switch A to Eth-trunk 1, however the command fails.Which of the following may cause this?
A. The interface is operating in half-duplex mode.
B. The interface has been shutdown.
C. The interface is already associated with another Eth-trunk.
D. The interface is an access port.