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Huawei H12-211 Exam

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Question 121
FTP may be used to upgrade a router's VRP image.Which of the following transmission modes should be used to achieve this?
A. binary mode
B. ASCII mode
C. byte mode
D. letter mode

Question 122
A client failed to transfer a file to the FTP server, but found the IP connectivity was without problem. The client assumed that the problem was with the port configuration.The blocking of which ports would likely cause this problem? (Choose two)
A. 21
B. 80
C. 20
D. 50649

Question 123
When using VRP, which of the following commands is used to configure the data link layer encapsulation type of a serial interface as HDLC?
A. encapsulation hdlc
B. link-protocol hdlc
C. hdlc enable
D. link-protocol ppp

Question 124
If AH and ESP are both required to protect data streams between IPsec peers, how many Security Associations (SA) are required in total?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

Question 125
Two routers establish an IPsec tunnel, which of the following does not need to be the same on both peering devices?
A. Encapsulation mode
B. Transform mode
C. Proposal name
D. authentication algorithm

Question 126
Which of the following formats represent an accurate condensing of the IPv6 address 2031:0000:720C:0000:0000:09E0:839A:130B? (Choose two).
A. 2031:0:720C:0:0:9E0:839A:130B
B. 2031:0:720C:0:0:9E:839A:130B
C. 2031::720C::9E0:839A:130B
D. 2031:0:720C::9E0:839A:130B

Question 127
Which of the following IPv6 addresses can be configured on a router's interface? (Choose two).
A. fe80:13dc::1/64
B. ff00:8a3c::9b/64
C. ::1/128
D. 2001:12e3:1b02::21/64

Question 128
The IPv6 address architecture does not include which of the following address types?
A. unicast
B. multicast
C. broadcast
D. anycast

Question 129
Which of the following descriptions regarding IPv6 addresses are correct? (Choose two)
A. IPv6 addresses are 64 bits in length.
B. IPv6 addresses are 128 bits in length.
C. IPv6 extension headers are processed in order.
D. IPv6 extension headers are processed randomly.

Question 130
Interface G0/0/1 on RTA contains a MAC address of 00e0-fc03-aa73 and is configured with the IPv6 address 2001::2E0:FCFF:FE03:AA73. Which method is most likely to have been used to configure the interface IPv6 address?
B. Auto-link
D. EUI-64