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Huawei H12-211 Exam

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Question 71
The administrator wishes to manage a network through telnet from a user's terminal to a router.How can this be achieved?

Question 72
Whilst configuring a device, an administrator experiences trouble remembering certain commands.Which of the following will help support the administrator? (Choose two)

Question 73
Refer to the configuration output. The administrator configured the device using the commands in the configuration output. Regarding these commands, which statement is false?
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Question 74
Which of the following is abbreviation of VRP?

Question 75
Which of the following must be used to establish the configuration environment when a router is powered on for the first time?

Question 76
Which of the following parameter settings for terminal emulation are correct when configuring a Huawei router through the Console port?

Question 77
Which of the following commands is used to enter the system-view from the user view on a Huawei router?

Question 78
On VRP platform, the command lines are classified into four levels in increasing priority: Visit level, Monitoring level, Configuration level, and Management level. At which level, the operator is permitted to configure service but is not permitted to operate the file system?

Question 79
On Huawei VRP platform, which of the following can be used to invoke the history command saved by the command line interface? (Choose two)

Question 80
Which of the following commands can be used to view the current configurations on a Huawei router?