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Huawei H12-211 Exam

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Question 81
The administrator wishes to change name of the router. Under which view should the administrator be in order to achieve this?

Question 82
system-view[Huawei]command-privilege level 3 view user saveRefer to the command output. What is the result of the shown command?

Question 83
system-view[Huawei]history-command max-size 20Refer to the command output. Which statements regarding the shown command are true? (Choose two)

Question 84
An AR2200 router is required to be reconfigured from scratch. Which steps are needed to achieve this? (Choose all that apply.)

Question 85
An administrator has been requested to replace the configuration file of a router in the network. The administrator has been instructed that after logging into the router, he must first permanently erase the current configuration file from the system.Which command should he use to achieve this?

Question 86
Which of the following commands can switch a view from the system view to the user view?

Question 87
Which of the following storage devices are supported by Huawei router? (Select four)

Question 88
Which of the following storage devices is used to store the startup configuration files in a router?

Question 89
reset saved-configurationWarning: The action will delete the saved configuration in the device.The configuration will be erased to reconfigure. Continue? [Y/N]:Refer to the configuration output. Which of the following statements are true? (Select two answers)

Question 90
When a router is powered on, the router reads the configuration file saved in the default save directory to get itself initialized. If the configuration file does not exist in the default save directory, what does the router use to initialize itself?