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Huawei H12-211 Exam

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Question 61
Which of the following problems are caused by routing loops? (Choose three)

Question 62
An administrator wishes to manage the router in the remote branch office, which method can be used?

Question 63
The administrator cannot use telnet to manage the AR2200. The administrator is able to verify connectivity to the router and has been informed that other administrators have no difficulties using telnet.Which statements describe the possible reasons for this problem? (Choose all that apply.)

Question 64
A user logged into a VRP supported device through telnet, but when attempting to configure the device, found that he is unable to use the system-view command to enter the system-view.What are the possible reasons for this? (Choose two)

Question 65
The users who log on the router through Telnet are not permitted to configure IP address.What is the possible reason?

Question 66
Which of the following statements are correct? (Choose two)
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Question 67
On the interface serial 1/0/1 of RTA, the command "ip address unnumbered interface loopback 0" has been configured.Which following statements are correct? (Choose two).
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Question 68
Refer to the graphic.The host has a problem establishing a telnet connection with the router attached to interface G0/0/0. Which of the following steps can be used to help the administrator identify the problem? (Choose two)
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Question 69
Which of the following methods are supported by VRP platform to configure the router? (Choose three)

Question 70
The administrator wishes to update the configuration file of an AR2200 router using a USB cable.How can this be achieved? (Choose all that apply.)