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Huawei H12-211 Exam

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Question 31
Which of the following statements explains the behavior of the ICMP redirect function? (Choose two)

Question 32
Host A wishes to send data to host C, and generates an ARP request to obtain the destination MAC address.Which statement is true?
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Question 33
An ARP request is sent by host A to obtain the destination MAC address of host D.Which statement is true about regarding the ARP reply?

Question 34
Which of the following applications can be used to detect the path along which the data packets are transmitted from the source to the destination?

Question 35
How many probe packets are sent for each TTL value by default when "tracert" is used to detect the path along which packet is sent from source to destination?

Question 36
Which of the following types can ICMP packets be classified into? (Choose two)

Question 37
On VRP platform, which of the following parameters can be used together with the "ping" command to specify the source address of an echo request message?

Question 38
A router functioning as a Proxy receives an ARP request packet, but finds that the destination address in the packet is not intended for itself. In this case, what will the router do? (Choose two)

Question 39
Two end stations in a point-to-point network perform address resolution.Which of the following statements is correct?

Question 40
What will the destination MAC address be at the moment a frame is transmitted by the host, when the router is the IP destination?