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Huawei H12-211 Exam

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Question 41
Which of the following statements about gratuitous ARP packets are true? (Choose two)

Question 42
UDP is connectionless oriented, which of the following must be used in order to ensure reliability?

Question 43
Refer to the graphic.The administrator has configured an IP address for Host A and Host B, but had forgotten to configure a default gateway.What effect will this have on the hosts?
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Question 44
Refer to the graphic.A host has established a telnet connection with the router attached to interface G0/0/0.Which of the following statements are correct? (Choose all that apply.)
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Question 45
The administrator uses the ping command on the host to test connectivity to the website command line shows a request time out. The administrator displays the ARP entries for the host.Which entry will be found in the ARP cache table of the host?

Question 46
When R2 forwards data to R3 from R1, which of the following items will change? (Choose two)

Question 47
If Host B also configured the IP address as "", an IP address config will occur.What will happen as a result?

Question 48
Refer to the graphic. A switch attempts to forward a frame to the MAC destination 5489-98ec-f011. What operation will occur on the switch?
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Question 49
Host A has been connected to a four port switch A on port G0/0/1and configured with an IP address.When Host A initially forwards a frame, what action will be taken by Switch A?

Question 50
A server is linked to port interface G0/0/1 of a switch. The administrator wishes to allow only this server to be linked to this interface on the switch.Which method can be used to achieve this?