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Huawei H12-211 Exam

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Question 21
Refer to the capture output. The administrator has captured three packets in the network. Which statement regarding the captured packets is incorrect?
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Question 22
An Ethernet frame is captured by network protocol analyzer tool and the value of Type/Length field is 0x0800.Which of the following statements about the frame are correct? (Choose two)

Question 23
Which of the following descriptions regarding the TTL field of the IP packet is correct?

Question 24
Which of the following statements are correct about TTL field in IP packet? (Choose two)

Question 25
In the case of Huawei router, what is the "-i" parameter in a Ping command issued on a VRP operating system used to set?

Question 26
To provide the information about the IP addresses that a user packet traverses along the path to the destination, which of the following does Tracert record in each expired ICMP TTL packet?

Question 27
Which of the following statements regarding the verification of IP connectivity are false? (Choose three)

Question 28
A network administrator uses the ping command to check for points of failure in the network.Which protocols will be used during this process? (Choose two)

Question 29
A network administrator recently used tracert to trace the path to the destination IP address of an external website, however the trace path displayed only a timeout result.Which of the following statements correctly explains the reason for this? (Choose two)

Question 30
A network administrator uses the ping command to test connectivity to the destination on a Huawei AR series router.Which statement regarding the output is correct?
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