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Google Professional-Cloud-Architect Exam

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Question 51
You have found an error in your App Engine application caused by missing Cloud Datastore indexes. You have created a YAML file with the required indexes and want to deploy these new indexes to Cloud Datastore. What should you do?

Question 52
You have an application that will run on Compute Engine. You need to design an architecture that takes into account a disaster recovery plan that requires your application to fail over to another region in case of a regional outage. What should you do?

Question 53
You are deploying an application on App Engine that needs to integrate with an on-premises database. For security purposes, your on-premises database must not be accessible through the public internet. What should you do?

Question 54
You are working in a highly secured environment where public Internet access from the Compute Engine VMs is not allowed. You do not yet have a VPN connection to access an on-premises file server. You need to install specific software on a Compute Engine instance. How should you install the software?

Question 55
Your company is moving 75 TB of data into Google Cloud. You want to use Cloud Storage and follow Google-recommended practices. What should you do?

Question 56
You have an application deployed on Google Kubernetes Engine using a Deployment named echo-deployment. The deployment is exposed using a Service called echo-service. You need to perform an update to the application with minimal downtime to the application. What should you do?

Question 57
Your company is using BigQuery as its enterprise data warehouse. Data is distributed over several Google Cloud projects. All queries on BigQuery need to be billed on a single project. You want to make sure that no query costs are incurred on the projects that contain the data. Users should be able to query the datasets, but not edit them.
How should you configure users' access roles?

Question 58
You have developed an application using Cloud ML Engine that recognizes famous paintings from uploaded images. You want to test the application and allow specific people to upload images for the next 24 hours. Not all users have a Google Account. How should you have users upload images?

Question 59
Your web application must comply with the requirements of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You are responsible for the technical architecture of your web application. What should you do?

Question 60
You need to set up Microsoft SQL Server on GCP. Management requires that there's no downtime in case of a data center outage in any of the zones within aGCP region. What should you do?

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