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Google Professional-Cloud-Architect Exam

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Question 61
The development team has provided you with a Kubernetes Deployment file. You have no infrastructure yet and need to deploy the application. What should you do?

Question 62
You need to evaluate your team readiness for a new GCP project. You must perform the evaluation and create a skills gap plan which incorporates the business goal of cost optimization. Your team has deployed two GCP projects successfully to date. What should you do?

Question 63
You are designing an application for use only during business hours. For the minimum viable product release, you'd like to use a managed product that automatically `scales to zero` so you don't incur costs when there is no activity.
Which primary compute resource should you choose?

Question 64
You are creating an App Engine application that uses Cloud Datastore as its persistence layer. You need to retrieve several root entities for which you have the identifiers. You want to minimize the overhead in operations performed by Cloud Datastore. What should you do?

Question 65
You need to upload files from your on-premises environment to Cloud Storage. You want the files to be encrypted on Cloud Storage using customer-supplied encryption keys. What should you do?

Question 66
Your customer wants to capture multiple GBs of aggregate real-time key performance indicators (KPIs) from their game servers running on Google Cloud Platform and monitor the KPIs with low latency. How should they capture the KPIs?

Question 67
You have a Python web application with many dependencies that requires 0.
1 CPU cores and 128 MB of memory to operate in production. You want to monitor and maximize machine utilization. You also want to reliably deploy new versions of the application.
Which set of steps should you take?

Question 68
Your company wants to start using Google Cloud resources but wants to retain their on-premises Active Directory domain controller for identity management.
What should you do?

Question 69
You are running a cluster on Kubernetes Engine (GKE) to serve a web application. Users are reporting that a specific part of the application is not responding anymore. You notice that all pods of your deployment keep restarting after 2 seconds. The application writes logs to standard output. You want to inspect the logs to find the cause of the issue.
Which approach can you take?

Question 70
You are using a single Cloud SQL instance to serve your application from a specific zone. You want to introduce high availability. What should you do?

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