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Google Professional-Cloud-Architect Exam

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Question 41
Your customer support tool logs all email and chat conversations to Cloud Bigtable for retention and analysis. What is the recommended approach for sanitizing this data of personally identifiable information or payment card information before initial storage?

Question 42
You are using Cloud Shell and need to install a custom utility for use in a few weeks. Where can you store the file so it is in the default execution path and persists across sessions?

Question 43
You want to create a private connection between your instances on Compute Engine and your on-premises data center. You require a connection of at least 20Gbps. You want to follow Google-recommended practices. How should you set up the connection?

Question 44
You are analyzing and defining business processes to support your startup's trial usage of GCP, and you don't yet know what consumer demand for your product will be. Your manager requires you to minimize GCP service costs and adhere to Google best practices. What should you do?

Question 45
You are building a continuous deployment pipeline for a project stored in a Git source repository and want to ensure that code changes can be verified before deploying to production. What should you do?

Question 46
You have an outage in your Compute Engine managed instance group: all instances keep restarting after 5 seconds. You have a health check configured, but autoscaling is disabled. Your colleague, who is a Linux expert, offered to look into the issue. You need to make sure that he can access the VMs. What should you do?

Question 47
Your company is migrating its on-premises data center into the cloud. As part of the migration, you want to integrate Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) for workload orchestration. Parts of your architecture must also be PCI DSS-compliant.
Which of the following is most accurate?

Question 48
Your company has multiple on-premises systems that serve as sources for reporting. The data has not been maintained well and has become degraded over time.
You want to use Google-recommended practices to detect anomalies in your company data. What should you do?

Question 49
Google Cloud Platform resources are managed hierarchically using organization, folders, and projects. When Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies exist at these different levels, what is the effective policy at a particular node of the hierarchy?

Question 50
You are migrating your on-premises solution to Google Cloud in several phases. You will use Cloud VPN to maintain a connection between your on-premises systems and Google Cloud until the migration is completed. You want to make sure all your on-premise systems remain reachable during this period. How should you organize your networking in Google Cloud?

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