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Google Associate-Cloud Exam

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Question 41
You have 32 GB of data in a single file that you need to upload to a Nearline Storage bucket. The WAN connection you are using is rated at 1 Gbps, and you are the only one on the connection. You want to use as much of the rated 1 Gbps as possible to transfer the file rapidly. How should you upload the file?

Question 42
You've deployed a microservice called myapp1 to a Google Kubernetes Engine cluster using the YAML file specified below: using the YAML file specified below:
You need to refactor this configuration so that the database password is not stored in plain text. You want to follow Google-recommended practices. What should you do?

Question 43
You are running an application on multiple virtual machines within a managed instance group and have autoscaling enabled. The autoscaling policy is configured so that additional instances are added to the group if the CPU utilization of instances goes above 80%. VMs are added until the instance group reaches its maximum limit of five VMs or until CPU utilization of instances lowers to 80%. The initial delay for HTTP health checks against the instances is set to 30 seconds.
The virtual machine instances take around three minutes to become available for users.

Question 44
You need to select and configure compute resources for a set of batch processing jobs. These jobs take around 2 hours to complete and are run nightly. You want to minimize service costs. What should you do?

Question 45
You recently deployed a new version of an application to App Engine and then discovered a bug in the release. You need to immediately revert to the prior version of the application. What should you do?

Question 46
You deployed an App Engine application using gcloud app deploy, but it did not deploy to the intended project. You want to find out why this happened and where the application deployed. What should you do?

Question 47
You want to configure 10 Compute Engine instances for availability when maintenance occurs. Your requirements state that these instances should attempt to automatically restart if they crash. Also, the instances should be highly available including during system maintenance. What should you do?

Question 48
You host a static website on Cloud Storage. Recently, you began to include links to PDF files on this site. Currently, when users click on the links to these PDF files, their browsers prompt them to save the file onto their local system. Instead, you want the clicked PDF files to be displayed within the browser window directly, without prompting the user to save the file locally. What should you do?

Question 49
You have a virtual machine that is currently configured with 2 vCPUs and 4 GB of memory. It is running out of memory. You want to upgrade the virtual machine to have 8 GB of memory. What should you do?

Question 50
You have production and test workloads that you want to deploy on Compute Engine. Production VMs need to be in a different subnet than the test VMs. All the

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