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Google Associate-Cloud Exam

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Question 51
You need to create an autoscaling managed instance group for an HTTPS web application. You want to make sure that unhealthy VMs are recreated. What should you do?

Question 52
Your company has a Google Cloud Platform project that uses BigQuery for data warehousing. Your data science team changes frequently and has few members.
You need to allow members of this team to perform queries. You want to follow Google-recommended practices. What should you do?

Question 53
Your company has a 3-tier solution running on Compute Engine. The configuration of the current infrastructure is shown below.
Each tier has a service account that is associated with all instances within it. You need to enable communication on TCP port 8080 between tiers as follows:
* Instances in tier #1 must communicate with tier #2.
* Instances in tier #2 must communicate with tier #3.
What should you do?

Question 54
You are given a project with a single virtual private cloud (VPC) and a single subnetwork in the us-central1 region. There is a Compute Engine instance hosting an application in this subnetwork. You need to deploy a new instance in the same project in the europe-west1 region. This new instance needs access to the application. You want to follow Google-recommended practices. What should you do?

Question 55
Your projects incurred more costs than you expected last month. Your research reveals that a development GKE container emitted a huge number of logs, which resulted in higher costs. You want to disable the logs quickly using the minimum number of steps. What should you do?

Question 56
You have a website hosted on App Engine standard environment. You want 1% of your users to see a new test version of the website. You want to minimize complexity. What should you do?

Question 57
You have a web application deployed as a managed instance group. You have a new version of the application to gradually deploy. Your web application is currently receiving live web traffic. You want to ensure that the available capacity does not decrease during the deployment. What should you do?

Question 58
You are building an application that stores relational data from users. Users across the globe will use this application. Your CTO is concerned about the scaling requirements because the size of the user base is unknown. You need to implement a database solution that can scale with your user growth with minimum configuration changes.
Which storage solution should you use?

Question 59
You are the organization and billing administrator for your company. The engineering team has the Project Creator role on the organization. You do not want the engineering team to be able to link projects to the billing account.
Only the finance team should be able to link a project to a billing account, but they should not be able to make any other changes to projects. What should you do?

Question 60
You have an application running in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) with cluster autoscaling enabled. The application exposes a TCP endpoint. There are several replicas of this application. You have a Compute Engine instance in the same region, but in another Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), called gce-network, that has no overlapping IP ranges with the first VPC. This instance needs to connect to the application on GKE. You want to minimize effort. What should you do?

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