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Google Associate-Cloud Exam

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Question 31
You want to send and consume Cloud Pub/Sub messages from your App Engine application. The Cloud Pub/Sub API is currently disabled. You will use a service account to authenticate your application to the API. You want to make sure your application can use Cloud Pub/Sub. What should you do?

Question 32
You need to monitor resources that are distributed over different projects in Google Cloud Platform. You want to consolidate reporting under the same Stackdriver Monitoring dashboard. What should you do?

Question 33
You are deploying an application to a Compute Engine VM in a managed instance group. The application must be running at all times, but only a single instance of the VM should run per GCP project. How should you configure the instance group?

Question 34
You want to verify the IAM users and roles assigned within a GCP project named my-project. What should you do?

Question 35
You need to create a new billing account and then link it with an existing Google Cloud Platform project. What should you do?

Question 36
You have one project called proj-sa where you manage all your service accounts. You want to be able to use a service account from this project to take snapshots of VMs running in another project called proj-vm. What should you do?

Question 37
You created a Google Cloud Platform project with an App Engine application inside the project. You initially configured the application to be served from the us- central region. Now you want the application to be served from the asia-northeast1 region. What should you do?

Question 38
You need to grant access for three users so that they can view and edit table data on a Cloud Spanner instance. What should you do?

Question 39
You create a new Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster and want to make sure that it always runs a supported and stable version of Kubernetes. What should you do?

Question 40
You have an instance group that you want to load balance. You want the load balancer to terminate the client SSL session. The instance group is used to serve a public web application over HTTPS. You want to follow Google- recommended practices. What should you do?

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