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Google Associate-Cloud Exam

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Question 21
You have one GCP account running in your default region and zone and another account running in a non-default region and zone. You want to start a new Compute Engine instance in these two Google Cloud Platform accounts using the command line interface. What should you do?

Question 22
You significantly changed a complex Deployment Manager template and want to confirm that the dependencies of all defined resources are properly met before committing it to the project. You want the most rapid feedback on your changes. What should you do?

Question 23
You are building a pipeline to process time-series data.
Which Google Cloud Platform services should you put in boxes 1,2,3, and 4?

Question 24
You have a project for your App Engine application that serves a development environment. The required testing has succeeded and you want to create a new project to serve as your production environment. What should you do?

Question 25
You need to configure IAM access audit logging in BigQuery for external auditors. You want to follow Google- recommended practices. What should you do?

Question 26
You need to set up permissions for a set of Compute Engine instances to enable them to write data into a particular Cloud Storage bucket. You want to follow Google-recommended practices. What should you do?

Question 27
You have sensitive data stored in three Cloud Storage buckets and have enabled data access logging. You want to verify activities for a particular user for these buckets, using the fewest possible steps. You need to verify the addition of metadata labels and which files have been viewed from those buckets. What should you do?

Question 28
You are the project owner of a GCP project and want to delegate control to colleagues to manage buckets and files in Cloud Storage. You want to follow Google- recommended practices.
Which IAM roles should you grant your colleagues?

Question 29
You have an object in a Cloud Storage bucket that you want to share with an external company. The object contains sensitive data. You want access to the content to be removed after four hours. The external company does not have a Google account to which you can grant specific user-based access privileges. You want to use the most secure method that requires the fewest steps. What should you do?

Question 30
You are creating a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster with a cluster autoscaler feature enabled. You need to make sure that each node of the cluster will run a monitoring pod that sends container metrics to a third-party monitoring solution. What should you do?

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