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Google Associate-Cloud Exam

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Question 11
You need a dynamic way of provisioning VMs on Compute Engine. The exact specifications will be in a dedicated configuration file. You want to follow Google's recommended practices.
Which method should you use?

Question 12
Every employee of your company has a Google account. Your operational team needs to manage a large number of instances on Compute Engine. Each member of this team needs only administrative access to the servers. Your security team wants to ensure that the deployment of credentials is operationally efficient and must be able to determine who accessed a given instance. What should you do?

Question 13
Your development team needs a new Jenkins server for their project. You need to deploy the server using the fewest steps possible. What should you do?

Question 14
You need to update a deployment in Deployment Manager without any resource downtime in the deployment.
Which command should you use?

Question 15
You need to run an important query in BigQuery but expect it to return a lot of records. You want to find out how much it will cost to run the query. You are using on-demand pricing. What should you do?

Question 16
You have a single binary application that you want to run on Google Cloud Platform. You decided to automatically scale the application based on underlying infrastructure CPU usage. Your organizational policies require you to use virtual machines directly. You need to ensure that the application scaling is operationally efficient and completed as quickly as possible. What should you do?

Question 17
You are analyzing Google Cloud Platform service costs from three separate projects. You want to use this information to create service cost estimates by service type, daily and monthly, for the next six months using standard query syntax. What should you do?

Question 18
You need to set up a policy so that videos stored in a specific Cloud Storage Regional bucket are moved to Coldline after 90 days, and then deleted after one year from their creation. How should you set up the policy?

Question 19
You have a Linux VM that must connect to Cloud SQL. You created a service account with the appropriate access rights. You want to make sure that the VM uses this service account instead of the default Compute Engine service account. What should you do?

Question 20
You created an instance of SQL Server 2017 on Compute Engine to test features in the new version. You want to connect to this instance using the fewest number of steps. What should you do?

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