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Google Associate-Cloud Exam

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Question 141
You created several resources in multiple Google Cloud projects. All projects are linked to different billing accounts. To better estimate future charges, you want to have a single visual representation of all costs incurred. You want to include new cost data as soon as possible. What should you do?

Question 142
Your company has workloads running on Compute Engine and on-premises. The Google Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is connected to your WAN over a Virtual Private Network (VPN). You need to deploy a new Compute Engine instance and ensure that no public Internet traffic can be routed to it. What should you do?

Question 143
Your team maintains the infrastructure for your organization. The current infrastructure requires changes. You need to share your proposed changes with the rest of the team. You want to follow Google's recommended best practices. What should you do?

Question 144
You have a Compute Engine instance hosting an application used between 9 AM and 6 PM on weekdays. You want to back up this instance daily for disaster recovery purposes. You want to keep the backups for 30 days. You want the Google-recommended solution with the least management overhead and the least number of services. What should you do?

Question 145
Your existing application running in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) consists of multiple pods running on four GKE n1-standard-2 nodes. You need to deploy additional pods requiring n2-highmem-16 nodes without any downtime. What should you do?

Question 146
You have an application that uses Cloud Spanner as a database backend to keep current state information about users. Cloud Bigtable logs all events triggered by users. You export Cloud Spanner data to Cloud Storage during daily backups. One of your analysts asks you to join data from Cloud Spanner and Cloud Bigtable for specific users. You want to complete this ad hoc request as efficiently as possible. What should you do?

Question 147
You are hosting an application from Compute Engine virtual machines (VMs) in us-central1-a. You want to adjust your design to support the failure of a single Compute Engine zone, eliminate downtime, and minimize cost. What should you do?

Question 148
A colleague handed over a Google Cloud Platform project for you to maintain. As part of a security checkup, you want to review who has been granted the Project Owner role. What should you do?

Question 149
You are running multiple VPC-native Google Kubernetes Engine clusters in the same subnet. The IPs available for the nodes are exhausted, and you want to ensure that the clusters can grow in nodes when needed. What should you do?

Question 150
You have a batch workload that runs every night and uses a large number of virtual machines (VMs). It is faulttolerant and can tolerate some of the VMs being terminated. The current cost of VMs is too high. What should you do?

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