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Google Associate-Cloud Exam

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Question 131
You need to create a copy of a custom Compute Engine virtual machine (VM) to facilitate an expected increase in application traffic due to a business acquisition.
What should you do?

Question 132
You have deployed an application on a single Compute Engine instance. The application writes logs to disk. Users start reporting errors with the application. You want to diagnose the problem. What should you do?

Question 133
An application generates daily reports in a Compute Engine virtual machine (VM). The VM is in the project corp-iot- insights. Your team operates only in the project corp-aggregate-reports and needs a copy of the daily exports in the bucket corp-aggregate-reports-storage. You want to configure access so that the daily reports from the VM are available in the bucket corp-aggregate-reports-storage and use as few steps as possible while following Google- recommended practices. What should you do?

Question 134
You built an application on your development laptop that uses Google Cloud services. Your application uses Application Default Credentials for authentication and works fine on your development laptop. You want to migrate this application to a Compute Engine virtual machine (VM) and set up authentication using Google- recommended practices and minimal changes. What should you do?

Question 135
You need to create a Compute Engine instance in a new project that doesn't exist yet. What should you do?

Question 136
Your company runs one batch process in an on-premises server that takes around 30 hours to complete. The task runs monthly, can be performed offline, and must be restarted if interrupted. You want to migrate this workload to the cloud while minimizing cost. What should you do?

Question 137
You are developing a new application and are looking for a Jenkins installation to build and deploy your source code. You want to automate the installation as quickly and easily as possible. What should you do?

Question 138
You have downloaded and installed the gcloud command line interface (CLI) and have authenticated with your Google Account. Most of your Compute Engine instances in your project run in the europe-west1-d zone. You want to avoid having to specify this zone with each CLI command when managing these instances.
What should you do?

Question 139
The core business of your company is to rent out construction equipment at a large scale. All the equipment that is being rented out has been equipped with multiple sensors that send event information every few seconds. These signals can vary from engine status, distance traveled, fuel level, and more. Customers are billed based on the consumption monitored by these sensors. You expect high throughput - up to thousands of events per hour per device - and need to retrieve consistent data based on the time of the event. Storing and retrieving individual signals should be atomic.

Question 140
You are asked to set up application performance monitoring on Google Cloud projects A, B, and C as a single pane of glass. You want to monitor CPU, memory, and disk. What should you do?

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