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Google Associate-Cloud Exam

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Question 151
You are working with a user to set up an application in a new VPC behind a firewall. The user is concerned about data egress. You want to configure the fewest open egress ports. What should you do?

Question 152
Your company runs its Linux workloads on Compute Engine instances. Your company will be working with a new operations partner that does not use Google Accounts. You need to grant access to the instances to your operations partner so they can maintain the installed tooling. What should you do?

Question 153
You have created a code snippet that should be triggered whenever a new file is uploaded to a Cloud Storage bucket. You want to deploy this code snippet. What should you do?

Question 154
You have been asked to set up Object Lifecycle Management for objects stored in storage buckets. The objects are written once and accessed frequently for 30 days. After 30 days, the objects are not read again unless there is a special need. The object should be kept for three years, and you need to minimize cost. What should you do?

Question 155
You are storing sensitive information in a Cloud Storage bucket. For legal reasons, you need to be able to record all requests that read any of the stored data. You want to make sure you comply with these requirements. What should you do?

Question 156
You are the team lead of a group of 10 developers. You provided each developer with an individual Google Cloud Project that they can use as their personal sandbox to experiment with different Google Cloud solutions. You want to be notified if any of the developers are spending above $500 per month on their sandbox environment. What should you do?

Question 157
You are deploying a production application on Compute Engine. You want to prevent anyone from accidentally destroying the instance by clicking the wrong button. What should you do?

Question 158
Your company uses a large number of Google Cloud services centralized in a single project. All teams have specific projects for testing and development. The DevOps team needs access to all of the production services in order to perform their job. You want to prevent Google Cloud product changes from broadening their permissions in the future. You want to follow Googlerecommended practices. What should you do?

Question 159
You are building an application that processes data files uploaded from thousands of suppliers. Your primary goals for the application are data security and the expiration of aged data. You need to design the application to: * Restrict access so that suppliers can access only their own data. * Give suppliers write access to data only for 30 minutes. * Delete data that is over 45 days old. You have a very short development cycle, and you need to make sure that the application requires minimal maintenance.
Which two strategies should you use?(Choose two.)

Question 160
You are hosting an application from Compute Engine virtual machines (VMs) in us–central1–a. You want to adjust your design to support the failure of a single Compute Engine zone, eliminate downtime, and minimize cost. What should you do?

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