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CompTIA CAS-004 Exam

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Question 61
An organization recently experienced a ransomware attack. The security team leader is concerned about the attack reoccurring. However, no further security measures have been implemented.
Which of the following processes can be used to identify potential prevention recommendations?

Question 62
A security architect is implementing a web application that uses a database back end. Prior to the production, the architect is concerned about the possibility ofXSS attacks and wants to identify security controls that could be put in place to prevent these attacks.
Which of the following sources could the architect consult to address this security concern?

Question 63
A security engineer was auditing an organization's current software development practice and discovered that multiple open-source libraries were Integrated into the organization's software. The organization currently performs SAST and DAST on the software it develops.
Which of the following should the organization incorporate into the SDLC to ensure the security of the open-source libraries?

Question 64
A security analyst is investigating a possible buffer overflow attack. The following output was found on a user's workstation: graphic.
prgWhich of the following technologies would mitigate the manipulation of memory segments?

Question 65
An e-commerce company is running a web server on premises, and the resource utilization is usually less than 30%. During the last two holiday seasons, the server experienced performance issues because of too many connections, and several customers were not able to finalize purchase orders. The company is looking to change the server configuration to avoid this kind of performance issue.
Which of the following is the MOST cost-effective solution?

Question 66
A company has decided to purchase a license for software that is used to operate a mission-critical process. The third-party developer is new to the industry but is delivering what the company needs at this time.
Which of the following BEST describes the reason why utilizing a source code escrow will reduce the operational risk to the company if the third party stops supporting the application?

Question 67
A security analyst is researching containerization concepts for an organization. The analyst is concerned about potential resource exhaustion scenarios on theDocker host due to a single application that is overconsuming available resources.
Which of the following core Linux concepts BEST reflects the ability to limit resource al__cpLocation to containers?

Question 68
A developer wants to maintain integrity to each module of a program and ensure the code cannot be altered by malicious users.
Which of the following would be BEST for the developer to perform? (Choose two.)

Question 69
A company is moving most of its customer-facing production systems to the cloud-facing production systems to the cloud. IaaS is the service model being used.
The Chief Executive Officer is concerned about the type of encryption available and requires the solution must have the highest level of security.
Which of the following encryption methods should the cloud security engineer select during the implementation phase?

Question 70
A vulnerability analyst identified a zero-day vulnerability in a company's internally developed software. Since the current vulnerability management system does not have any checks for this vulnerability, an engineer has been asked to create one.
Which of the following would be BEST suited to meet these requirements?