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CompTIA CAS-004 Exam

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Question 51
An organization's hunt team thinks a persistent threats exists and already has a foothold in the enterprise network.
Which of the following techniques would be BEST for the hunt team to use to entice the adversary to uncover malicious activity?S

Question 52
A junior developer is informed about the impact of new malware on an Advanced RISC Machine (ARM) CPU, and the code must be fixed accordingly. Based on the debug, the malware is able to insert itself in another process memory __cpLocation.
Which of the following technologies can the developer enable on the ARM architecture to prevent this type of malware?

Question 53
A company is implementing SSL inspection. During the next six months, multiple web applications that will be separated out with subdomains will be deployed.
Which of the following will allow the inspection of the data without multiple certificate deployments?

Question 54
A small business requires a low-cost approach to theft detection for the audio recordings it produces and sells.
Which of the following techniques will MOST likely meet the business's needs?

Question 55
Clients are reporting slowness when attempting to access a series of load-balanced APIs that do not require authentication. The servers that host the APIs are showing heavy CPU utilization. No alerts are found on the WAFs sitting in front of the APIs.
Which of the following should a security engineer recommend to BEST remedy the performance issues in a timely manner?

Question 56
An organization is considering a BYOD standard to support remote working. The first iteration of the solution will utilize only approved collaboration applications and the ability to move corporate data between those applications. The security team has concerns about the following:
- Unstructured data being exfiltrated after an employee leaves the organization
- Data being exfiltrated as a result of compromised credentials
- Sensitive information in emails being exfiltrated
Which of the following solutions should the security team implement to mitigate the risk of data loss?

Question 57
A Chief Information Officer is considering migrating all company data to the cloud to save money on expensive SAN storage.
Which of the following is a security concern that will MOST likely need to be addressed during migration?

Question 58
Due to locality and budget constraints, an organization's satellite office has a lower bandwidth al__cpLocation than other offices in the organization. As a result, the local security infrastructure staff is assessing architectural options that will help preserve network bandwidth and increase speed to both internal and external resources while not sacrificing threat visibility.
Which of the following would be the BEST option to implement?

Question 59
A security analyst is concerned that a malicious piece of code was downloaded on a Linux system. After some research, the analyst determines that the suspected piece of code is performing a lot of input/output (I/O) on the disk drive.
Based on the output above, from which of the following process IDs can the analyst begin an investigation?
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Question 60
Which of the following are risks associated with vendor lock-in? (Choose two.)

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