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CompTIA CAS-004 Exam

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Question 71
An organization recently started processing, transmitting, and storing its customers' credit card information. Within a week of doing so, the organization suffered a massive breach that resulted in the exposure of the customers' information.
Which of the following provides the BEST guidance for protecting such information while it is at rest and in transit?

Question 72
Which of the following is the MOST important security objective when applying cryptography to control messages that tell an ICS how much electrical power to output?

Question 73
A company wants to protect its intellectual property from theft. The company has already applied ACLs and DACs.
Which of the following should the company use to prevent data theft?

Question 74
A satellite communications ISP frequently experiences outages and degraded modes of operation over one of its legacy satellite links due to the use of deprecated hardware and software. Three days per week, on average, a contracted company must follow a checklist of 16 different high-latency commands that must be run in serial to restore nominal performance. The ISP wants this process to be automated.
Which of the following techniques would be BEST suited for this requirement?

Question 75
A company processes data subject to NDAs with partners that define the processing and storage constraints for the covered data. The agreements currently do not permit moving the covered data to the cloud, and the company would like to renegotiate the terms of the agreements.
Which of the following would MOST likely help the company gain consensus to move the data to the cloud?

Question 76
Ransomware encrypted the entire human resources fileshare for a large financial institution. Security operations personnel were unaware of the activity until it was too late to stop it. The restoration will take approximately four hours, and the last backup occurred 48 hours ago. The management team has indicated that theRPO for a disaster recovery event for this data classification is 24 hours.
Based on RPO requirements, which of the following recommendations should the management team make?

Question 77
A company undergoing digital transformation is reviewing the resiliency of a CSP and is concerned about meeting SLA requirements in the event of a CSP incident.
Which of the following would be BEST to proceed with the transformation?

Question 78
A company has hired a security architect to address several service outages on the endpoints due to new malware. The Chief Executive Officer's laptop was impacted while working from home. The goal is to prevent further endpoint disruption. The edge network is protected by a web proxy.
Which of the following solutions should the security architect recommend?

Question 79
All staff at a company have started working remotely due to a global pandemic. To transition to remote work, the company has migrated to SaaS collaboration tools. The human resources department wants to use these tools to process sensitive information but is concerned the data could be:
- Leaked to the media via printing of the documents
- Sent to a personal email addressAccessed and viewed by systems administrators
- Uploaded to a file storage site
Which of the following would mitigate the department's concerns?

Question 80
A home automation company just purchased and installed tools for its SOC to enable incident identification and response on software the company develops. The company would like to prioritize defenses against the following attack scenarios:
- Unauthorized insertions into application development environments
- Authorized insiders making unauthorized changes to environment configurations
Which of the following actions will enable the data feeds needed to detect these types of attacks on development environments? (Choose two.)