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Cisco 350-801 Exam

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Question 41
Configuration of DNS is required to achieve a fully functional Cisco UCM system. Cisco UCM uses DNS to resolve fully qualified domain names to IP addresses for which destinations?

Question 42
Refer to the exhibit. Calls to Cisco Unity Connection are failing across Cisco Unified Border Element when callers try to select a menu prompt. Why is this happening and how is it fixed?
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Question 43
An administrator is configuring LDAP for Cisco UCM with Active Directory integration. A customer has requested to use `ipphone` instead of `telephoneNumber' as the phone number attribute. Where does the administrator specify this attribute mapping in Cisco UCM?

Question 44
In the Cisco Expressway solution, which two features does Mobile and Remote Access provide? (Choose two.)

Question 45
What makes Cisco Unified Border Element a better choice than a conventional Session Border Controller?

Question 46
Which two features of Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance require advanced licensing? (Choose two.)

Question 47
Which entity does Cisco UCM use DNS to resolve fully qualified domain names to an IP address?

Question 48
What are two functions of Cisco Expressway in the Collaboration Edge? (Choose two.)

Question 49
Refer to the exhibit. An administrator must fix the SRV records to ensure that server1.sample.com is always contacted first from the three servers. Which solution should the engineer apply to resolve this issue?
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Question 50
What are two differences between media flow-around and media flow-through on Cisco Unified Border Element? (Choose two.)

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