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Cisco 350-801 Exam

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Question 31
What are two key features of the Expressway series? (Choose two.)

Question 32
When setting a new primary DNS server in the Cisco UCM CLI, what is required for the change to take effect?

Question 33
When configuring Cisco UCM, which configuration enables phones to automatically reregister to a Cisco UCM publisher when the connection to the subscriber is lost?

Question 34
Which version is used to provide encryption for SNMP management traffic in collaboration deployments?

Question 35
What is the validity period of the ITL Recovery certificate in Cisco UCM?

Question 36
Which service must be enabled when LDAP on Cisco UCM is used?

Question 37
On a Cisco Catalyst Switch, which command is required to send CDP packets on a switch port that configures a Cisco IP phone to transmit voice traffic in 802.1Q frames, tagged with the voice VLAN ID 221?

Question 38
Which datastore and protocol is used for saving back-up files within the Disaster Recovery System of Cisco UCM?

Question 39
Refer to the exhibit. An administrator is attempting to register a SIP phone to a Cisco UCM but the registration is failing. The IP address of the SIP Phone is10.117.34.222 and the IP address of the Cisco UCM is Pings from the SIP phone to the Cisco UCM are successful. What is the cause of this issue and how should it be resolved?
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Question 40
Refer to the exhibit. A Cisco UCM user with directory number 4401 dials 5507, and the call is routed to a Cisco Unified Border Element. Which IP address will the call be sent to?
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