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Cisco 350-801 Exam

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Question 21
Which packet delay is the maximum supported between Cisco Unified Communications Manager nodes for clustering over WAN deployments?

Question 22
A user dials 9011841234567 to reach Vietnam. Which steps send the call to the PSTN provider as 011841234567?
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Question 23
Where is the default Interregion Maximum Session Bit Rate for a region configured?

Question 24
A Cisco TelePresence SX80 suddenly has issues displaying main video to a display over HDMI. Which command can you use from the SX80 admin CLI to check the video output status to the monitor?

Question 25
Which statement about Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco IM and Presence backups is true?

Question 26
What is a software-based media resource that is provided by the Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming Application?

Question 27
When a user dials a number with a phone that is registered to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager, what is the default timeout before the number is sent?

Question 28
An engineer deploys a Cisco Expressway-E server for a customer who wants to utilize all features on the server. Which feature does the engineer configure on theExpressway-E?

Question 29
Which SNMP service must be activated manually on the Cisco UCM after installation?

Question 30
A company deploys centralized Cisco UCM architecture for a hub __cpLocation and two remote sites. -The company has only one ITSP connection at the hub __cpLocation, and ITSP supports only G.711 calls. -Remote site A has a 1-Gbps fiber connection to the hub __cpLocation and calls to and from remote site A use G.711 codec. -Remote site B has a 1-T1 connection to the hub __cpLocation and calls to and from remote site B use G.729 codec. Based on the provided guidance, a Cisco voice engineer must design media resource management for the customer. What is the method that needs to be followed?

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