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Cisco 350-801 Exam

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Question 11
After an engineer runs the utils ntp status command on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager publisher, the stratum value is 16. Which issue can theCisco Unified CM cluster experience?

Question 12
When a new SIP phone is registered to Cisco Unified Communications Manager, it keeps failing and showing an `unprovisioned` error message in the phone display. Which problem is a possible cause of this issue?

Question 13
Which DHCP option must be set up for new phones to obtain the TFTP server IP address?

Question 14
Which two conditions must a user meet to provision a new device using the Self-Provisioning feature? (Choose two.)

Question 15
How many DNS SRV entries can be defined in the SIP trunk destination address field in Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

Question 16
On which Cisco Unified Communications Manager nodes can the TFTP service be enabled?

Question 17
Which issue causes slips on a PRI?

Question 18
An administrator recently upgraded a Cisco Webex DX80 through its web interface but discovered the next morning that the unit has received to its previous version. What must the administrator do to prevent this from happening again?

Question 19
An engineer is notified that the Cisco TelePresence MX800 that is registered in Cisco Unified Communications Manager shows an empty panel, and the Touch 10 shows a corresponding icon with no action when pressed. Where does the engineer go to remove the inactive custom panel?

Question 20
A presence redundancy group is deployed, and an engineer initiates a manual fallback. Which statement about Cisco Server Recovery Manager is true?

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