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Cisco 350-801 Exam

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Question 51
An employee of company ABC just quit. The IT administrator deleted the employee's user ID from the active directory at 10 a.m. on March 4. The nightly syncthoccurs at 10 p.m. daily. The IT administrator wants to troubleshoot and find a way to delete the user ID as soon as possible. How is this issue resolved?

Question 52
Refer to the exhibit. An administrator accesses the terminal of a Cisco UCM and starts a packet capture. Which two commands must the administrator use onCisco UCM to generate DNS traffic? (Choose two.)
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Question 53
A collaboration engineer adds a voice gateway to Cisco UCM. The engineer creates a new gateway device in Cisco UCM, selects VG320 as the device type, and selects MGCP as the protocol. What must be done next to add the gateway to the Cisco UCM database?

Question 54
A collaboration engineer configures Global Dial Plan Replication for multiple Cisco UCM clusters. The local cluster acts as the hub cluster, and the remaining clusters act as spoke clusters. Which service must the engineer configure on the local cluster?

Question 55
Refer to the exhibit.There is a call flow between Phone A and Phone B. Phone B (holder) places Phone A (holdee) on hold. Which MRGL and Audio Source are played to Phone A?
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Question 56
A SIP phone has been configured in the system with MAC address 0030.96D2.D5CB. The phone retrieves the configuration file from the Cisco UCM. Which naming format is the file that is downloaded?

Question 57
Refer to the exhibit.A call from +1 613 555 1234 that is sent out through the Nice Gateways should result in a calling party of 001 613 555 1234 with the numbering type`international`. Which configuration accomplishes this goal?
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Question 58
An administrator troubleshoots call flows and suspects that there are issues with the dial plan. Which tool enables a quick analysis of the dial plan and provides call flows of dialed digits?

Question 59
What are two characteristics of jitter in voice and video over IP communications? (Choose two.)

Question 60
DRAG DROP -Drag and drop the SNMPv3 message types from the left onto the corresponding definitions on the right.Select and Place:
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