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Cisco 350-501 Exam

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Question 211
Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer is trying to retrieve SNMP MIBs with RESTCONF on the Cisco switch but fails. End-to-end routing is in place.
Which configuration must the engineer implement on the switch to complete the task?
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Question 212
Refer to the exhibit. Users in AS 65010 are connected with the application server in AS 65050 with these requirements:
AS 65010 users are experiencing latency and congestion to connect with application server
- AS 65030 must be restricted to become Transient Autonomous System for traffic flow.
- Links connected to AS 65020 and AS 65040 are underutilized and must be used efficiently for traffic.
Which two configurations must be implemented to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)
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Question 213
What is a characteristic of MVPN?

Question 214
Refer to the exhibit. What is the purpose of this JSON script?
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Question 215
A network engineer must implement SNMPv2 with these parameters:
- Enable SNMP community string c1sc0 with read-only permissions.
- Enable interface index persistence.
Restrict the SNMP community to only the monitoring server with IP address
- Provide view-only access to ospfIfEntry and ospfNbrEntry.
Which configuration must the engineer apply?

Question 216
The network team is planning to implement IPv6 on the company's existing IPv4 network infrastructure. The network currently uses IS-IS to share routes between peers.
Which task must the team perform so that IS-IS will run in multitopology mode on the updated IPv6 network?

Question 217
Refer to the exhibit. ISP A provides VPLS services and DDoS protection to Company XYZ to connect their branches across the North America and Europe regions. The uplink from the data center to the ISP is 100 Mbps. The Company XYZ security team asked the ISP to redirect ICMP echo requests, which are currently going to the web server, to a new local security appliance.
Which configuration must an ISP engineer apply to router R2 to redirect the ICMP traffic?
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Question 218
A customer has requested that the service provider use a Cisco MPLS TE tunnel to force the E-Line service to take a specific route. What is used to send the traffic over the tunnel?

Question 219
When Cisco IOS XE REST API uses HTTP request methods, what is the purpose of a PUT request?

Question 220
A network engineer must configure a router for Flexible NetFlow IPFIX export. The IP address of the destination server is The source address must be set to the Loopback0 IPv4 address and exported packets must be set to DSCP CS3. The TTL must be 64 and the transport protocol must be set to UDP with destination port 4739.
Which configuration must the engineer apply to the router?

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