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Cisco 350-501 Exam

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Question 201
After a possible security breach, the network administrator of an ISP must verify the times that several different users logged into the network.
Which command must the administrator enter to display the login time of each user that activated a session?

Question 202
An engineer is developing a configuration script to enable dial-out telemetry streams using gRPC on several new devices. TLS must be disabled on the devices.
Which configuration must the engineer apply on the network?

Question 203
Which additional configuration is required for NetFlow to provide traceback information?

Question 204
How do intent APIs make it easier for network engineers to deploy and manage networks?

Question 205
Refer to the exhibit. What does this REST API script configure?
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Question 206
Refer to the exhibit. An Ethernet access provider is configuring routers PE-1 and PE-2 to provide E-Access EVPL service between UNI and ENNI. ENNI service multiplexing is based on 802.1ad tag 150, and service-multiplexed UNI is based on 802.1q tag 10. Which EFP configurations must the provider implement on PE-1 and PE-2 to establish end-to-end connectivity between CE-1 and CE-2?
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Question 207
Refer to the exhibit. An administrator working for large ISP must connect its two POP sites to provide internet connectivity to its customers.
Which configuration must the administrator perform to establish an iBGP session between routers PE1 on POP site 1 and PE2 on POP site 2?
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Question 208
Refer to the exhibit. The operations team is implementing an LDP-based configuration in the service provider core network with these requirements:
- R1 must establish LDP peering with the loopback IP address as its Router-ID.
- Session protection must be enabled on R2.
How must the team update the network configuration to successfully enable LDP peering between R1 and R2?
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Question 209
A network engineer is testing an automation platform that interacts with Cisco networking devices via NETCONF over SSH. In accordance with internal security requirements:
- NETCONF sessions are permitted only from trusted sources in the subnet.
- CLI SSH access is permitted from any source.
Which configuration must the engineer apply on R1?

Question 210
A network architect decides to expand the scope of the multicast deployment within the company network. The network is already using PIM-SM with a static RP that supports a high-bandwidth, video-based training application that is heavily used by the employees, but excessive bandwidth usage is a concern. How must the engineer update the network to provide a more efficient multicast implementation?

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