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Amazon SAP-C01 Exam

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Question 71
You have deployed a three-tier web application in a VPC with a CIDR block of You initially deploy two web servers, two application servers, two database servers and one NAT instance tor a total of seven EC2 instances. The web, application and database servers are deployed across two availability zones(AZs). You also deploy an ELB in front of the two web servers, and use Route53 for DNS Web (raffle gradually increases in the first few days following the deployment, so you attempt to double the number of instances in each tier of the application to handle the new load unfortunately some of these new instances fail to launch.
Which of the following could be the root caused? (Choose two.)

Question 72
Your company produces customer commissioned one-of-a-kind skiing helmets combining nigh fashion with custom technical enhancements Customers can show off their Individuality on the ski slopes and have access to head-up-displays. GPS rear-view cams and any other technical innovation they wish to embed in the helmet.
The current manufacturing process is data rich and complex including assessments to ensure that the custom electronics and materials used to assemble the helmets are to the highest standards Assessments are a mixture of human and automated assessments you need to add a new set of assessment to model the failure modes of the custom electronics using GPUs with CUDA, across a cluster of servers with low latency networking.
What architecture would allow you to automate the existing process using a hybrid approach and ensure that the architecture can support the evolution of processes over time?

Question 73
You are designing an SSL/TLS solution that requires HTTPS clients to be authenticated by the Web server using client certificate authentication. The solution must be resilient.
Which of the following options would you consider for configuring the web server infrastructure? (Choose two.)

Question 74
You are migrating a legacy client-server application to AWS. The application responds to a specific DNS domain (e.
g. www.
com) and has a 2-tier architecture, with multiple application servers and a database server. Remote clients use TCP to connect to the application servers. The application servers need to know the IP address of the clients in order to function properly and are currently taking that information from the TCP socket. A Multi-AZ RDS MySQL instance will be used for the database.
During the migration you can change the application code, but you have to file a change request.
How would you implement the architecture on AWS in order to maximize scalability and high availability?

Question 75
You are designing a personal document-archiving solution for your global enterprise with thousands of employees. Each employee has potentially gigabytes of data to be backed up in this archiving solution. The solution will be exposed to the employees as an application, where they can just drag and drop their files to the archiving system. Employees can retrieve their archives through a web interface. The corporate network has high bandwidth AWS Direct Connect connectivity toAWS.
You have a regulatory requirement that all data needs to be encrypted before being uploaded to the cloud.
How do you implement this in a highly available and cost-efficient way?

Question 76
A company is building a voting system for a popular TV show, viewers win watch the performances then visit the show's website to vote for their favorite performer. It is expected that in a short period of time after the show has finished the site will receive millions of visitors. The visitors will first login to the site using their Amazon.
com credentials and then submit their vote. After the voting is completed the page will display the vote totals. The company needs to build the site such that can handle the rapid influx of traffic while maintaining good performance but also wants to keep costs to a minimum.
Which of the design patterns below should they use?

Question 77
You are designing a connectivity solution between on-premises infrastructure and Amazon VPC. Your servers on-premises will be communicating with your VPC instances. You will be establishing IPSec tunnels over the Internet You will be using VPN gateways, and terminating the IPSec tunnels on AWS supported customer gateways.
Which of the following objectives would you achieve by implementing an IPSec tunnel as outlined above? (Choose four.)

Question 78
You are responsible for a web application that consists of an Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) load balancer in front of an Auto Scaling group of Amazon ElasticCompute Cloud (EC2) instances. For a recent deployment of a new version of the application, a new Amazon Machine Image (AMI) was created, and the AutoScaling group was updated with a new launch configuration that refers to this new AMI. During the deployment, you received complaints from users that the website was responding with errors. All instances passed the ELB health checks.
What should you do in order to avoid errors for future deployments? (Choose two.)

Question 79
Which is a valid Amazon Resource name (ARN) for IAM?

Question 80
Dave is the main administrator in Example Corp.
, and he decides to use paths to help delineate the users in the company and set up a separate administrator group for each path-based division. Following is a subset of the full list of paths he plans to use:
* /marketing
* /sales
* /legal
Dave creates an administrator group for the marketing part of the company and calls it Marketing_Admin.
He assigns it the /marketing path. The group's ARN is arn:aws:iam::123456789012:group/marketing/Marketing_Admin.
Dave assigns the following policy to the Marketing_Admin group that gives the group permission to use all IAM actions with all groups and users in the /marketing path. The policy also gives the Marketing_Admin group permission to perform any AWS S3 actions on the objects in the portion of the corporate bucket.
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