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Amazon SAP-C01 Exam

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Question 61
You must architect the migration of a web application to AWS. The application consists of Linux web servers running a custom web server. You are required to save the logs generated from the application to a durable __cpLocation.
What options could you select to migrate the application to AWS? (Choose two.)

Question 62
A web company is looking to implement an external payment service into their highly available application deployed in a VPC Their application EC2 instances are behind a public facing ELB. Auto scaling is used to add additional instances as traffic increases under normal load the application runs 2 instances in the AutoScaling group but at peak it can scale 3x in size. The application instances need to communicate with the payment service over the Internet which requires whitelisting of all public IP addresses used to communicate with it. A maximum of 4 whitelisting IP addresses are allowed at a time and can be added through anAPI.
How should they architect their solution?

Question 63
Your website is serving on-demand training videos to your workforce. Videos are uploaded monthly in high resolution MP4 format. Your workforce is distributed globally often on the move and using company-provided tablets that require the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol to watch a video. Your company has no video transcoding expertise and it required you may need to pay for a consultant.
How do you implement the most cost-efficient architecture without compromising high availability and quality of video delivery?

Question 64
A user is trying to understand the detailed CloudWatch monitoring concept.
Which of the below mentioned services does not provide detailed monitoring withCloudWatch?

Question 65
A customer has established an AWS Direct Connect connection to AWS. The link is up and routes are being advertised from the customer's end, however the customer is unable to connect from EC2 instances inside its VPC to servers residing in its datacenter.
Which of the following options provide a viable solution to remedy this situation? (Choose two.)

Question 66
You are running a news website in the eu-west-1 region that updates every 15 minutes. The website has a world-wide audience. It uses an Auto Scaling group behind an Elastic Load Balancer and an Amazon RDS database. Static content resides on Amazon S3, and is distributed through Amazon CloudFront. Your AutoScaling group is set to trigger a scale up event at 60% CPU utilization. You use an Amazon RDS extra large DB instance with 10.
000 Provisioned IOPS, its CPU utilization is around 80%, while freeable memory is in the 2 GB range.
Web analytics reports show that the average load time of your web pages is around 1.
5 to 2 seconds, but your SEO consultant wants to bring down the average load time to under 0.
5 seconds.
How would you improve page load times for your users? (Choose three.)

Question 67
A corporate web application is deployed within an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and is connected to the corporate data center via an IPSec VPN. The application must authenticate against the on-premises LDAP server. After authentication, each logged-in user can only access an Amazon Simple Storage Space(S3) keyspace specific to that user.
Which two approaches can satisfy these objectives? (Choose two.)

Question 68
Your company previously configured a heavily used, dynamically routed VPN connection between your on-premises data center and AWS. You recently provisioned a DirectConnect connection and would like to start using the new connection.
After configuring DirectConnect settings in the AWS Console, which of the following options win provide the most seamless transition for your users?

Question 69
Your company hosts a social media website for storing and sharing documents. The web application allows user to upload large files while resuming and pausing the upload as needed. Currently, files are uploaded to your PHP front end backed by Elastic Load Balancing and an autoscaling fleet of Amazon Elastic ComputeCloud (EC2) instances that scale upon average of bytes received (NetworkIn). After a file has been uploaded, it is copied to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).
Amazon EC2 instances use an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role that allows Amazon S3 uploads. Over the last six months, your user base and scale have increased significantly, forcing you to increase the Auto Scaling group's Max parameter a few times. Your CFO is concerned about rising costs and has asked you to adjust the architecture where needed to better optimize costs.
Which architecture change could you introduce to reduce costs and still keep your web application secure and scalable?

Question 70
You require the ability to analyze a customer's clickstream data on a website so they can do behavioral analysis. Your customer needs to know what sequence of pages and ads their customer clicked on. This data will be used in real time to modify the page layouts as customers click through the site to increase stickiness and advertising click-through.
Which option meets the requirements for captioning and analyzing this data?