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Amazon SAP-C01 Exam

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Question 81
Your fortune 500 company has under taken a TCO analysis evaluating the use of Amazon S3 versus acquiring more hardware The outcome was that ail employees would be granted access to use Amazon S3 for storage of their personal documents.
Which of the following will you need to consider so you can set up a solution that incorporates single sign-on from your corporate AD or LDAP directory and restricts access for each user to a designated user folder in a bucket? (Choose three.)

Question 82
A company is running a batch analysis every hour on their main transactional DB, running on an RDS MySQL instance, to populate their central Data Warehouse running on Redshift. During the execution of the batch, their transactional applications are very slow. When the batch completes they need to update the top management dashboard with the new data. The dashboard is produced by another system running on-premises that is currently started when a manually-sent email notifies that an update is required. The on-premises system cannot be modified because is managed by another team.
How would you optimize this scenario to solve performance issues and automate the process as much as possible?

Question 83
You are running a successful multitier web application on AWS and your marketing department has asked you to add a reporting tier to the application. The reporting tier will aggregate and publish status reports every 30 minutes from user-generated information that is being stored in your web application s database.
You are currently running a Multi-AZ RDS MySQL instance for the database tier. You also have implemented Elasticache as a database caching layer between the application tier and database tier.
Please select the answer that will allow you to successfully implement the reporting tier with as little impact as possible to your database.

Question 84
You are designing a data leak prevention solution for your VPC environment. You want your VPC Instances to be able to access software depots and distributions on the Internet for product updates. The depots and distributions are accessible via third party CDNs by their URLs.
You want to explicitly deny any other outbound connections from your VPC instances to hosts on the internet.
Which of the following options would you consider?

Question 85
You have an application running on an EC2 instance which will allow users to download files from a private S3 bucket using a pre-signed URL. Before generating the URL, the application should verify the existence of the file in S3.
How should the application use AWS credentials to access the S3 bucket securely?

Question 86
Your system recently experienced down time during the troubleshooting process. You found that a new administrator mistakenly terminated several productionEC2 instances.
Which of the following strategies will help prevent a similar situation in the future?The administrator still must be able to:
- launch, start stop, and terminate development resources.

- launch and start production instances.

Question 87
A 3-tier e-commerce web application is current deployed on-premises and will be migrated to AWS for greater scalability and elasticity. The web server currently shares read-only data using a network distributed file system. The app server tier uses a clustering mechanism for discovery and shared session state that depends on IP multicast. The database tier uses shared-storage clustering to provide database fall over capability, and uses several read slaves for scaling. Data on all servers and the distributed file system directory is backed up weekly to off-site tapes.
Which AWS storage and database architecture meets the requirements of the application?

Question 88
Your company plans to host a large donation website on Amazon Web Services (AWS). You anticipate a large and undetermined amount of traffic that will create many database writes. To be certain that you do not drop any writes to a database hosted on AWS.
Which service should you use?

Question 89
You need a persistent and durable storage to trace call activity of an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system. Call duration is mostly in the 2-3 minutes timeframe. Each traced call can be either active or terminated. An external application needs to know each minute the list of currently active calls. Usually there are a few calls/second, but once per month there is a periodic peak up to 1000 calls/second for a few hours. The system is open 24/7 and any downtime should be avoided. Historical data is periodically archived to files. Cost saving is a priority for this project.
What database implementation would better fit this scenario, keeping costs as low as possible?

Question 90
Your company hosts a social media site supporting users in multiple countries. You have been asked to provide a highly available design tor the application that leverages multiple regions tor the most recently accessed content and latency sensitive portions of the wet) site The most latency sensitive component of the application involves reading user preferences to support web site personalization and ad selection.
In addition to running your application in multiple regions, which option will support this application's requirements?