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Amazon SAP-C01 Exam

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Question 251
What is the average queue length recommended by AWS to achieve a lower latency for the 200 PIOPS EBS volume?

Question 252
Who is responsible for modifying the routing tables and networking ACLs in a VPC to ensure that a DB instance is reachable from other instances in the VPC?

Question 253
An organization is planning to host a web application in the AWS VPC. The organization does not want to host a database in the public cloud due to statutory requirements.
How can the organization setup in this scenario?

Question 254
A user is trying to create a PIOPS EBS volume with 4000 IOPS and 100 GB size. AWS does not allow the user to create this volume.
What is the possible root cause for this?

Question 255
A user is planning to host a Highly Available system on the AWS VPC. Which of the below mentioned statements is helpful in this scenario?

Question 256
A user is creating a PIOPS volume. What is the maximum ratio the user should configure between PIOPS and the volume size?

Question 257
What is a possible reason you would need to edit claims issued in a SAML token?

Question 258
A government client needs you to set up secure cryptographic key storage for some of their extremely confidential data. You decide that the AWS CloudHSM is the best service for this.
However, there seem to be a few pre-requisites before this can happen, one of those being a security group that has certain ports open.
Which of the following is correct in regards to those security groups?

Question 259
What is the network performance offered by the c4.
8xlarge instance in Amazon EC2?

Question 260
An organization is setting up a web application with the JEE stack. The application uses the JBoss app server and MySQL DB. The application has a logging module which logs all the activities whenever a business function of the JEE application is called. The logging activity takes some time due to the large size of the log file.
If the application wants to setup a scalable infrastructure which of the below mentioned options will help achieve this setup?