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Amazon SAP-C01 Exam

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Question 261
You're trying to delete an SSL certificate from the IAM certificate store, and you're getting the message "Certificate: is being used by CloudFront."Which of the following statements is probably the reason why you are getting this error?

Question 262
A user has set the IAM policy where it denies all requests if a request is not from IP The other policy says allow all requests between 5 PM to 7PM.
What will happen when a user is requesting access from IP at 6 PM?

Question 263
Do you need to use Amazon Cognito to use the Amazon Mobile Analytics service?

Question 264
Which of the following AWS services can be used to define alarms to trigger on a certain activity, such as activity success, failure, or delay in AWS Data Pipeline?

Question 265
You want to use Amazon Redshift and you are planning to deploy dw1.
8xlarge nodes. What is the minimum amount of nodes that you need to deploy with this kind of configuration?

Question 266
Mike is appointed as Cloud Consultant in ABC has the following VPCs set- up in the US East Region:A VPC with CIDR block, a subnet in that VPC with CIDR block A VPC with CIDR block, a subnet in that VPC with CIDR block is trying to establish network connection between two subnets, a subnet with CIDR block and another subnet with CIDR block
Which one of the following solutions should Mike recommend to

Question 267
Can Provisioned IOPS be used on RDS instances launched in a VPC?

Question 268
To get started using AWS Direct Connect, in which of the following steps do you configure Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)?

Question 269
Which of the following components of AWS Data Pipeline polls for tasks and then performs those tasks?

Question 270
A user is hosting a public website on AWS. The user wants to have the database and the app server on the AWS VPC. The user wants to setup a database that can connect to the Internet for any patch upgrade but cannot receive any request from the internet. How can the user set this up?