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Amazon SAP-C01 Exam

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Question 241
AWS has launched T2 instances which come with CPU usage credit. An organization has a requirement which keeps an instance running for 24 hours. However, the organization has high usage only during 11 AM to 12 PM. The organization is planning to use a T2 small instance for this purpose.
If the organization already has multiple instances running since Jan 2012, which of the below mentioned options should the organization implement while launching a T2 instance?

Question 242
How does AWS Data Pipeline execute activities on on-premise resources or AWS resources that you manage?

Question 243
Which of following IAM policy elements lets you specify an exception to a list of actions?

Question 244
In AWS IAM, which of the following predefined policy condition keys checks how long ago (in seconds) the MFA-validated security credentials making the request were issued using multi- factor authentication (MFA)?

Question 245
A user is configuring MySQL RDS with PIOPS. What should be the minimum PIOPS that the user should provision?

Question 246
You are setting up some EBS volumes for a customer who has requested a setup which includes a RAID (redundant array of inexpensive disks). AWS has some recommendations for RAID setups.
Which RAID setup is not recommended for Amazon EBS?

Question 247
Once the user has set ElastiCache for an application and it is up and running, which services, does Amazon not provide for the user:

Question 248
In the context of AWS Cloud Hardware Security Module(HSM), does your application need to reside in the same VPC as the CloudHSM instance?

Question 249
True or False: In Amazon ElastiCache, you can use Cache Security Groups to configure the cache clusters that are part of a VPC.

Question 250
What is the role of the PollForTask action when it is called by a task runner in AWS Data Pipeline?