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Amazon SAP-C01 Exam

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Question 231
ABC has created a multi-tenant Learning Management System (LMS). The application is hosted for five different tenants (clients) in the VPCs of the respectiveAWS accounts of the tenant. ABC wants to setup a centralized server which can connect with the LMS of each tenant upgrade if required. ABC also wants to ensure that one tenant VPC should not be able to connect to the other tenant VPC for security reasons.
How can ABC setup this scenario?

Question 232
A user has created a VPC with CIDR The user has created one subnet with CIDR in this VPC. The user is trying to create another subnet with the same VPC for CIDR
What will happen in this scenario?

Question 233
True or False: The Amazon ElastiCache clusters are not available for use in VPC at this time.

Question 234
In Amazon Redshift, how many slices does a dw2.8xlarge node have?

Question 235
Identify a true statement about using an IAM role to grant permissions to applications running on Amazon EC2 instances.

Question 236
Out of the striping options available for the EBS volumes, which one has the following disadvantage:'Doubles the amount of I/O required from the instance to EBS compared to RAID 0, because you're mirroring all writes to a pair of volumes, limiting how much you can stripe.'?

Question 237
In the context of IAM roles for Amazon EC2, which of the following NOT true about delegating permission to make API requests?

Question 238
In the context of Amazon ElastiCache CLI, which of the following commands can you use to view all ElastiCache instance events for the past 24 hours?

Question 239
In Amazon Cognito what is a silent push notification?

Question 240
When using Numeric Conditions within IAM, short versions of the available comparators can be used instead of the more verbose versions.
Which of the following is the short version of the Numeric Condition "NumericLessThanEquals"?