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Amazon SAA-C02 Exam

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Question 111
A company is investigating potential solutions that would collect, process, and store users' service usage data. The business objective is to create an analytics capability that will enable the company to gather operational insights quickly using standard SQL queries. The solution should be highly available and ensureAtomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability (ACID) compliance in the data tier.
Which solution should a solutions architect recommend?

Question 112
A company recently launched its website to serve content to its global user base. The company wants to store and accelerate the delivery of static content to its users by leveraging Amazon CloudFront with an Amazon EC2 instance attached as its origin.
How should a solutions architect optimize high availability for the application?

Question 113
An application running on an Amazon EC2 instance in VPC-A needs to access files in another EC2 instance in VPC-B. Both are in separate AWS accounts. The network administrator needs to design a solution to configure secure access to EC2 instance in VPC-B from VPC-A. The connectivity should not have a single point of failure or bandwidth concerns.
Which solution will meet these requirements?

Question 114
A company currently stores symmetric encryption keys in a hardware security module (HSM). A solutions architect must design a solution to migrate key management to AWS. The solution should allow for key rotation and support the use of customer provided keys.
Where should the key material be stored to meet these requirements?

Question 115
A recent analysis of a company's IT expenses highlights the need to reduce backup costs. The company's chief information officer wants to simplify the on- premises backup infrastructure and reduce costs by eliminating the use of physical backup tapes. The company must preserve the existing investment in the on- premises backup applications and workflows.
What should a solutions architect recommend?

Question 116
A company hosts an application on an Amazon EC2 instance that requires a maximum of 200 GB storage space. The application is used infrequently, with peaks during mornings and evenings. Disk I/O varies, but peaks at 3,000 IOPS. The chief financial officer of the company is concerned about costs and has asked a solutions architect to recommend the most cost-effective storage option that does not sacrifice performance.
Which solution should the solutions architect recommend?

Question 117
A company's application hosted on Amazon EC2 instances needs to access an Amazon S3 bucket. Due to data sensitivity, traffic cannot traverse the internet.
How should a solutions architect configure access?

Question 118
A company has two applications it wants to migrate to AWS. Both applications process a large set of files by accessing the same files at the same time. Both applications need to read the files with low latency.
Which architecture should a solutions architect recommend for this situation?

Question 119
An ecommerce company has noticed performance degradation of its Amazon RDS based web application. The performance degradation is attributed to an increase in the number of read-only SQL queries triggered by business analysts. A solutions architect needs to solve the problem with minimal changes to the existing web application.
What should the solutions architect recommend?

Question 120
A company is running a highly sensitive application on Amazon EC2 backed by an Amazon RDS database. Compliance regulations mandate that all personally identifiable information (PII) be encrypted at rest.
Which solution should a solutions architect recommend to meet this requirement with the LEAST amount of changes to the infrastructure?

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