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Amazon SAA-C02 Exam

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Question 121
A company running an on-premises application is migrating the application to AWS to increase its elasticity and availability. The current architecture uses aMicrosoft SQL Server database with heavy read activity. The company wants to explore alternate database options and migrate database engines, if needed.
Every 4 hours, the development team does a full copy of the production database to populate a test database. During this period, users experience latency.
What should a solutions architect recommend as replacement database?

Question 122
A company has enabled AWS CloudTrail logs to deliver log files to an Amazon S3 bucket for each of its developer accounts. The company has created a centralAWS account for streamlining management and audit reviews. An internal auditor needs to access the CloudTrail logs, yet access needs to be restricted for all developer account users. The solution must be secure and optimized.
How should a solutions architect meet these requirements?

Question 123
A company has several business systems that require access to data stored in a file share. The business systems will access the file share using the ServerMessage Block (SMB) protocol. The file share solution should be accessible from both of the company's legacy on-premises environments and with AWS.
Which services meet the business requirements? (Choose two.)

Question 124
A company is using Amazon EC2 to run its big data analytics workloads. These variable workloads run each night, and it is critical they finish by the start of business the following day. A solutions architect has been tasked with designing the MOST cost-effective solution.
Which solution will accomplish this?

Question 125
A company has a Microsoft Windows-based application that must be migrated to AWS. This application requires the use of a shared Windows file system attached to multiple Amazon EC2 Windows instances.
What should a solutions architect do to accomplish this?

Question 126
A company has created an isolated backup of its environment in another Region. The application is running in warm standby mode and is fronted by anApplication Load Balancer (ALB). The current failover process is manual and requires updating a DNS alias record to point to the secondary ALB in anotherRegion.
What should a solutions architect do to automate the failover process?

Question 127
A company has a mobile chat application with a data store based in Amazon DynamoDB. Users would like new messages to be read with as little latency as possible. A solutions architect needs to design an optimal solution that requires minimal application changes.
Which method should the solutions architect select?

Question 128
A company is creating an architecture for a mobile app that requires minimal latency for its users. The company's architecture consists of Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer running in an Auto Scaling group. The EC2 instances connect to Amazon RDS. Application beta testing showed there was a slowdown when reading the data. However, the metrics indicate that the EC2 instances do not cross any CPU utilization thresholds.
How can this issue be addressed?

Question 129
A company has implemented one of its microservices on AWS Lambda that accesses an Amazon DynamoDB table named Books. A solutions architect is designing an IAM policy to be attached to the Lambda function's IAM role, giving it access to put, update, and delete items in the Books table. The IAM policy must prevent function from performing any other actions on the Books table or any other.
Which IAM policy would fulfill these needs and provide the LEAST privileged access?
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Question 130
A company hosts its website on Amazon S3. The website serves petabytes of outbound traffic monthly, which accounts for most of the company's AWS costs.
What should a solutions architect do to reduce costs?

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