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Amazon SAA-C02 Exam

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Question 101
A company has an Amazon EC2 instance running on a private subnet that needs to access a public website to download patches and updates. The company does not want external websites to see the EC2 instance IP address or initiate connections to it.
How can a solutions architect achieve this objective?

Question 102
A company must migrate 20 TB of data from a data center to the AWS Cloud within 30 days. The company's network bandwidth is limited to 15 Mbps and cannot exceed 70% utilization. What should a solutions architect do to meet these requirements?

Question 103
A company has a website running on Amazon EC2 instances across two Availability Zones. The company is expecting spikes in traffic on specific holidays, and wants to provide a consistent user experience. How can a solutions architect meet this requirement?

Question 104
An ecommerce company is running a multi-tier application on AWS. The front-end and backend tiers both run on Amazon EC2, and the database runs on AmazonRDS for MySQL. The backend tier communicates with the RDS instance. There are frequent calls to return identical datasets from the database that are causing performance slowdowns.
Which action should be taken to improve the performance of the backend?

Question 105
A company has an on-premises data center that is running out of storage capacity. The company wants to migrate its storage infrastructure to AWS while minimizing bandwidth costs. The solution must allow for immediate retrieval of data at no additional cost.
How can these requirements be met?

Question 106
A company is processing data on a daily basis. The results of the operations are stored in an Amazon S3 bucket, analyzed daily for one week, and then must remain immediately accessible for occasional analysis.
What is the MOST cost-effective storage solution alternative to the current configuration?

Question 107
A company delivers files in Amazon S3 to certain users who do not have AWS credentials. These users must be given access for a limited time. What should a solutions architect do to securely meet these requirements?

Question 108
A company wants to run a hybrid workload for data processing. The data needs to be accessed by on-premises applications for local data processing using anNFS protocol, and must also be accessible from the AWS Cloud for further analytics and batch processing.
Which solution will meet these requirements?

Question 109
A company plans to store sensitive user data on Amazon S3. Internal security compliance requirement mandate encryption of data before sending it to AmazonS3.
What should a solutions architect recommend to satisfy these requirements?

Question 110
A solutions architect is moving the static content from a public website hosted on Amazon EC2 instances to an Amazon S3 bucket. An Amazon CloudFront distribution will be used to deliver the static assets. The security group used by the EC2 instances restricts access to a limited set of IP ranges. Access to the static content should be similarly restricted.
Which combination of steps will meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

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