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Amazon SAA-C02 Exam

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Question 91
A company is seeing access requests by some suspicious IP addresses. The security team discovers the requests are from different IP addresses under the same CIDR range.
What should a solutions architect recommend to the team?

Question 92
A company recently expanded globally and wants to make its application accessible to users in those geographic __cpLocations. The application is deployed onAmazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer in an Auto Scaling group. The company needs the ability to shift traffic from resources in one region to another.
What should a solutions architect recommend?

Question 93
A company wants to replicate its data to AWS to recover in the event of a disaster. Today, a system administrator has scripts that copy data to a NFS share.
Individual backup files need to be accessed with low latency by application administrators to deal with errors in processing.
What should a solutions architect recommend to meet these requirements?

Question 94
An application requires a development environment (DEV) and production environment (PROD) for several years. The DEV instances will run for 10 hours each day during normal business hours, while the PROD instances will run 24 hours each day. A solutions architect needs to determine a compute instance purchase strategy to minimize costs.
Which solution is the MOST cost-effective?

Question 95
A company runs multiple Amazon EC2 Linux instances in a VPC across two Availability Zones. The instances host applications that use a hierarchical directory structure. The applications need to read and write rapidly and concurrently to shared storage.
What should a solutions architect do to meet these requirements?

Question 96
A solutions architect observes that a nightly batch processing job is automatically scaled up for 1 hour before the desired Amazon EC2 capacity is reached. The peak capacity is the same every night and the batch jobs always start at 1 AM. The solutions architect needs to find a cost-effective solution that will allow for the desired EC2 capacity to be reached quickly and allow the Auto Scaling group to scale down after the batch jobs are complete.
What should the solutions architect do to meet these requirements?

Question 97
A Solutions Architect must design a web application that will be hosted on AWS, allowing users to purchase access to premium, shared content that is stored in anS3 bucket. Upon payment, content will be available for download for 14 days before the user is denied access.
Which of the following would be the LEAST complicated implementation?

Question 98
A solutions architect is designing a mission-critical web application. It will consist of Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer and a relational database. The database should be highly available and fault tolerant.
Which database implementations will meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

Question 99
A company's web application is running on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer. The company recently changed its policy, which now requires the application to be accessed from one specific country only.
Which configuration will meet this requirement?

Question 100
A solutions architect has created two IAM policies: Policy1 and Policy2. Both policies are attached to an IAM group.
A cloud engineer is added as an IAM user to the IAM group. Which action will the cloud engineer be able to perform?
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