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Amazon SAA-C02 Exam

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Question 81
A company's operations team has an existing Amazon S3 bucket configured to notify an Amazon SQS queue when new objects are created within the bucket. The development team also wants to receive events when new objects are created. The existing operations team workflow must remain intact.
Which solution would satisfy these requirements?

Question 82
An application runs on Amazon EC2 instances in private subnets. The application needs to access an Amazon DynamoDB table. What is the MOST secure way to access the table while ensuring that the traffic does not leave the AWS network?

Question 83
A company built an application that lets users check in to places they visit, rank the places, and add reviews about their experiences. The application is successful with a rapid increase in the number of users every month.
The chief technology officer fears the database supporting the current Infrastructure may not handle the new load the following month because the single AmazonRDS for MySQL instance has triggered alarms related to resource exhaustion due to read requests.
What can a solutions architect recommend to prevent service Interruptions at the database layer with minimal changes to code?

Question 84
A company is looking for a solution that can store video archives in AWS from old news footage. The company needs to minimize costs and will rarely need to restore these files. When the files are needed, they must be available in a maximum of five minutes.
What is the MOST cost-effective solution?

Question 85
A company has created a VPC with multiple private subnets in multiple Availability Zones (AZs) and one public subnet in one of the AZs. The public subnet is used to launch a NAT gateway. There are instances in the private subnets that use a NAT gateway to connect to the internet. In case of an AZ failure, the company wants to ensure that the instances are not all experiencing internet connectivity issues and that there is a backup plan ready.
Which solution should a solutions architect recommend that is MOST highly available?

Question 86
A healthcare company stores highly sensitive patient records. Compliance requires that multiple copies be stored in different __cpLocations. Each record must be stored for 7 years. The company has a service level agreement (SLA) to provide records to government agencies immediately for the first 30 days and then within4 hours of a request thereafter.
What should a solutions architect recommend?

Question 87
A company recently deployed a new auditing system to centralize information about operating system versions, patching, and installed software for Amazon EC2 instances. A solutions architect must ensure all instances provisioned through EC2 Auto Scaling groups successfully send reports to the auditing system as soon as they are launched and terminated.
Which solution achieves these goals MOST efficiently?

Question 88
A company recently implemented hybrid cloud connectivity using AWS Direct Connect and is migrating data to Amazon S3. The company is looking for a fully managed solution that will automate and accelerate the replication of data between the on-premises storage systems and AWS storage services.
Which solution should a solutions architect recommend to keep the data private?

Question 89
A company has 150 TB of archived image data stored on-premises that needs to be moved to the AWS Cloud within the next month. The company's current network connection allows up to 100 Mbps uploads for this purpose during the night only.
What is the MOST cost-effective mechanism to move this data and meet the migration deadline?

Question 90
A public-facing web application queries a database hosted on an Amazon EC2 instance in a private subnet. A large number of queries involve multiple table joins, and the application performance has been degrading due to an increase in complex queries. The application team will be performing updates to improve performance.
What should a solutions architect recommend to the application team? (Choose two.)

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