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Python PCAP Exam

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Question 31
What is the expected behavior of the following code?It will:
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Question 32
If you need a function that does nothing, what would you use instead of XXX? (Choose two.)
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Question 33
Is it possible to safely check if a class/object has a certain attribute?

Question 34
The first parameter of each method:

Question 35
The simplest possible class definition in Python can be expressed as:

Question 36
If you want to access an exception object's components and store them in an object called e, you have to use the following form of exception statement:

Question 37
A variable stored separately in every object is called:

Question 38
There is a stream named s open for writing. What option will you select to write a line to the stream?

Question 39
You are going to read just one character from a stream called s.
Which statement would you use?

Question 40
What can you deduce from the following statement? (Choose two.)
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