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Juniper JN0-251 Exam

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Question 51
In which two Mist configuration levels would you create labels? (Choose two.)

Question 52
How should APs be deployed for location-based services (LBS)?

Question 53
Which administrator role must you have to view audit logs?

Question 54
Which statement is correct about Bluetooth and BLE?

Question 55
Which statement defines the total user minutes?

Question 56
Which two categories are included in the Connectivity Marvis Action? (Choose two.)

Question 57
Which statement is correct about Mist AP packet capture?

Question 58
A Mist mesh network supports up to how many hops?

Question 59
A user device sends signal information to the Mist Location Engine.
In this scenario, what is expected from the Mist Location Engine?

Question 60
Which location mode is required to track BLE badges?